Dean Browning Calls On PA-15 Democrat Candidates To Denounce Far Left Extremist
Keith Ellison’s Visit To Lehigh County

For Immediate Release
Contact: Dean Browning

Allentown, January 7, 2018 – Just a few short days after conservative businessman Dean Browning officially launched his bid for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 15th Congressional District, he called on all the Democrats currently in the race to denounce far left extremist Keith Ellison and boycott the Congressman’s January 12th visit to Lehigh County.

“The people of the 15th Congressional District deserve to know that no matter who their Representative is next year, it won’t be someone who is a follower or admirer of a far left extremist like Keith Ellison,” said Browning. “Rep. Ellison believes in open borders and wants to provide ‘sanctuary’ for criminal illegal immigrants, putting the safety of our communities at risk. Rep. Ellison has even gone so far as to compare illegal immigrants in America to Jews trying to flee Nazi Germany. That’s dangerous rhetoric and any Democrat in this race who embraces it should drop out immediately.”

Browning said that Rep. Ellison’s visit was an early test for Democrats pursuing the seat, and called on all of them to take a public stand.

“I am calling on all the Democrats in this race – or considering it – to denounce Rep. Ellison and boycott his visit to Lehigh County,” added Browning. “Failure to do so would demonstrate their allegiance to a far left agenda that is way out of step with the 15th Congressional District.”

Browning has been a local leader in the effort to ban sanctuary cities and counties. He served as Chairman of the Lehigh Valley Tea Party’s Immigration Committee, where he fought for resolutions in support of federal immigration bills H.R. 3003 (No Sanctuary for Criminals Act) and H.R. 3004 (Kate’s Law). Browning has stated that securing our country’s borders is a top priority and a major focus of his campaign for Congress.


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