Despite what local politicians say, The Trump Administration considers Lehigh a Sanctuary County and, in fact, three criminal illegals that ICE wanted to be detained have been released!

“As the result of a lawsuit settlement in 2014, the Lehigh County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution that said Lehigh County would not honor detainer requests issued by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) unless they were also accompanied by a judicial issued order. It is this provision that makes Lehigh County non-complaint and a sanctuary jurisdiction. Lehigh County is listed as such by ICE and by the Center For Immigration Studies ( It is notable that neither Monroe County or Northampton County have that restriction. Both of those Counties honor detainer requests with any restriction. At the time the resolution was passed in Lehigh County, Northampton County DA (and likely Democrat candidate for Congress in the PA-7th) John Morganelli was quoted as saying, “the fear of litigation . . . cannot chill law enforcement in its duty and obligation to follow the law.”

“Lehigh County DA Jim Martin and Lehigh County Sheriff Joe Hanna are excellent law enforcement officials and do cooperate with ICE. But they are prevented by the Board of Commissioners from honoring detainer requests issued by ICE unless they are accompanied by a court order. Since this Commissioner enacted policy has been in place there have been at least three (3) criminal illegal aliens that ICE wanted detained for deportation but the request that they be detained was rejected by Lehigh County. See the graphic from the Center for Immigration Studies.

“In July, 2017 Attorney General Sessions announced that over 300 sanctuary jurisdictions across the U.S. would lose funding provided by Byrne Justice Assistance Grants. Due to Lehigh Counties policy on detainers and classification as a sanctuary jurisdiction, the City of Allentown was listed to lose $62,429 and the city of Bethlehem was listed to lose $20,854.'”

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