Marty Nothstein Accepts Illegal Campaign Contribution
Browning calls it part of a pattern, Urges Nothstein to return the money.

For Immediate Release
Contact: Dean Browning

Allentown, April 19, 2018 – Lehigh County Commissioner Marty Nothstein violated local campaign finance laws by accepting a $2,700 campaign contribution for his congressional campaign from the owner of Computer Aid, Tony Salvaggio, charged the Browning for Congress campaign today.

An 2015 ordinance passed by the Lehigh County Board of Commissioners was designed to protect the integrity of Lehigh County government by enacting strict anti-pay-to-play laws that declared anyone who donates more than $250 to a “County Elected Official” in a calendar year is ineligible to secure a no-bid contract over $10,000 with Lehigh County. Computer Aid has been in slated to be awarded just such a no-bid contract since February.

Nothstein’s opponent, conservative businessman Dean Browning, has been a champion of government transparency and passed an ordinance to let voters set term limits for county politicians during his time on the Board of Commissioners.

“Politicians who make rules for the rest of us and then don’t play by those rules themselves drive average citizens crazy – and rightfully so,” said Browning. “The problem with Marty is that this illegal campaign contribution isn’t the first time he played by his own rules and got caught. As The Morning Call reported, Marty Nothstein was penalized and ordered to pay more than five-thousand dollars in penalties and back taxes for improperly receiving a massive property tax break on his sprawling estate by taking advantage of a program few are entitled to participate in.”

Browning concluded: “The people of Pennsylvania deserve elected officials who don’t consider themselves above the law or better than the rest of us. Marty fails on both counts.”


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