Nothstein Backed by “Never Trump” Liberals & Shadowy Dark Money Super PAC
Browning calls himself the “clear choice” for voters who support President Trump

For Immediate Release
Contact: Dean Browning

Allentown, April 11, 2018 – Marty Nothstein’s campaign is funded by vocal anti-Trump insiders who abandoned the Republican Party and publicly trashed President Trump, and now he’s receiving dark money from a shadowy special interest group that has no limit to the campaign contributions it can accept or funds it can spend. The group backing Nothstein has just one single donor so far and is based in Washington, DC, not the Lehigh Valley.

“I’m calling on Marty Nothstein to denounce these shadowy outside groups from Washington, D.C. from trying to influence this race, and to explain to voters why his single largest campaign donor is a rabid anti-Trump establishment millionaire who left the Republican Party and trashed President Trump on the way out the door,” Browning said. “Republicans who support President Trump and his agenda have a very clear choice in this race, and that is me. Unfortunately, Marty Nothstein is propped up by anti-Trump insiders, which explains why Nothstein has been so soft on illegal immigration as Chairman of the Lehigh County Board of Commissioners.”

Nothstein’s own public finance disclosures show that his campaign is being largely supported by a “Never-Trumper”, Wayne Woodman. Woodman wrote a scathing op-ed before the election in 2016, where he denounced Donald Trump’s candidacy and pledged that, “I will support those who are willing to resist and oppose a President Trump”.

Dean Browning is also a longtime champion of government transparency. He led the charge to require campaign finance reports and video recordings of Commissioners’ meetings to be posted online and passed an ordinance to let voters set term limits for county politicians.


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