Dean Browning Launches 2020 Run Against “Extreme Liberal” Representative Susan Wild
Promises sharp issue-based contrasts with incumbent Democrat on border security, national defense, federal budget priorities and economic policies

For Immediate Release

Allentown, January 3, 2019 – With the encouragement from elected officials and pro-Trump activists across the district combined with the strong support of the Lehigh Valley Tea Party, conservative businessman Dean Browning announced he will challenge incumbent Democrat Susan Wild for the PA-7th Congressional District in 2020 election.

“Congresswoman Wild’s votes to reinstall Nancy Pelosi as Speaker and to oppose funding for President Trump’s border wall tell you she will be a reliable rubber stamp for the extreme left,” said Browning. “While her vote against reducing taxes on medical devices – a direct blow at one of the districts’ biggest employers, B. Braun – demonstrate that she will embrace an extreme agenda over what is in the best interests of her district. Wild’s election was the result of a congressional blue wave that will recede quickly once voters see how out-of-touch and radical Susan Wild and new Democrat-led House truly is.”

After falling short by 318 votes or less than 1% in his Republican Primary sprint against Marty Nothstein in 2018, Browning said an early start on the 2020 election was imperative in order to communicate with voters and build the organization needed to win the seat back.

“My platform for this race will be clear from Day One:

  1. Build a wall along our southern border as part of a comprehensive plan to stop illegal immigration and the flow of drugs and criminals into our country.
  2. Follow Ronald Reagan’s approach of peace through strength by rebuilding and reequipping our military to meet the emerging challenges of the future.
  3. Make healthcare more affordable and put families and seniors in control of their healthcare decisions, not the government.
  4. Grow our economy to create more jobs and prosperity for every single American willing to work hard and play by the rules.
  5. Fix the fiscal mess in Washington by getting spending under control.

Browning, who spent almost forty-years in the private sector and served one-term on the Lehigh County Board of Commissioners, said he won’t run away from his support of President Trump’s agenda on the campaign trail.

“I’m my own man and have always done what I believe is right,” said Browning. “But unlike too many other Republicans, I will never shy away from my support for President Trump’s pro-growth, pro-national security, America First agenda. The future of our country is at stake in 2020, and I plan to be on the front lines of that fight as the Republican nominee for Congress in the PA-7th Congressional District.”

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